Employer Branding as a Recruitment Tool

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Learn how to develop an employer brand and deploy it to recruitment

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Boost your Employer Brand

Your Employer Brand is the image your employees and candidates have about your company. Here are 3 key benefits of building a strong employer brand.

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Strengthen your HR strategy

To attract and retain top talent, you must make your employer brand a key component of your HR strategy. This includes defining your employer value proposition (EVP), creating a recruitment marketing strategy, and continuously measuring your employer branding strategy performance.

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Did you know?

75% of active job seekers are likely to apply to a job if the employer understands the importance of employer branding and actively promotes it.

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Keep your employees and candidates happy

Treat employees and candidates as your most valuable asset and make sure they stay satisfied. They are likely to spread the word about their experience with your brand online or in person, be it displaying your company as a great place to work or as a less desirable employer.

Employer Branding- How to Get Started (+ Our Free Canvas)

Show candidates that you are a good employer

Video is one of the most effective ways to engage and connect with candidates. The key is to be natural and honest about your company and its role in your videos.


Ways of using video

  • Creating a company culture video showing what working at your company means.
  • Adding videos to your job ads and promoting them on social media.
  • Using pre-recorded video interviews in your recruitment process.
  • Incorporating video messages into your candidate communication.