Hire with video interviews
in 5 steps

Create job ad and receive applications


Create a job ad and receive applications

You can decide whether to incorporate video during this first phase. Consider including a video introduction of yourself and your company in the job ad. You can then invite candidates to submit a video introduction in response, or only ask for responses in the next step.

Prepare your interview questions


Prepare your interview questions

Before sitting down to record your video questions, think carefully about what information you need from candidates to make smart recruitment decisions. What qualities are you looking for in candidates? What types of personalities fit your work culture? Less is more when it comes to video interviews—it’s good practice to ask three to five questions.

Record video questions


Record video questions

Recording video questions should only take about five minutes or less, and you can send the same questions to all candidates. Instruct candidates on how long their answers should be and provide any other specific guidelines. Most recruiters find the optimal length for one video answer to be within two minutes.

Review candidates video answers


Review candidates’ video answers

Since there’s no need to coordinate schedules with candidates or your team, it’s easy for both recruiters and hiring managers to see all the candidates on their own time.

Interview only the top candidates face to face


Interview only the top candidates face to face

Now that you and your hiring team have reviewed all the video answers, you have a clear idea of what candidates you do—and don’t—want to move forward with. Invite only the top candidates to in-person interviews.


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The video recruitment software designed just for you

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Freedom to create your own video interview

There’s no one right way to conduct a video interview

Our software allows you to customize your video interviewing process to your preferences. You can conduct pre-recorded or live video interviews depending on your needs, provide your instructions to your candidates, and take ownership of the whole process.

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Enjoy a frictionless mobile recruiting experience

Record their video interview questions and review candidates’ applications on the go from any device, without downloading any apps.

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Safe and reliable

Recright video interviewing platform is ISO/IEC 27001 certified and GDPR compliant

With performance monitoring and regular feature releases, you can be sure that you’re always getting the latest and safest video recruitment software available.

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Integrations to 18 ATS
and counting

Perform all video interview related actions from your current ATS

Having your ATS and Recright work seamlessly together helps you and your hiring team ensure a smooth recruitment process so you can focus less on admin and more on people. If your ATS provider isn’t one of our integration partners yet, we’ll arrange it so you can have all your recruitment tools in one package.

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Build transparency between the key people in the process

Collaborate with your colleagues hassle-free and keep everyone informed

With our software, you can manage all candidates in one place, score and rate candidate answers, see comments from your colleagues on the applications, and collaborate on the final decision with the whole team.

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Best-in-class customer support

We take pride in our customer support

Our team of experienced video interview and customer care professionals is always open and available to help you and your candidates.