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About us and our product

We're a Helsinki-based SaaS company that helps organizations screen and hire the best candidates with an easy-to-use video interviewing platform. We have over 400 customers worldwide, ranging from small businesses to enterprise companies, and we're growing rapidly.

Our video interviewing software is available in 25 languages and has integrations with 18 Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). With a 95% satisfaction rate, our product allows teams to customize their video interviewing process with pre-recorded or live video interviews to reach their recruiting goals.

The Recright video interviewing software helps save 55% of time spent on recruitment, according to our happy customers.

Learn about our product

How to become a Recright sales agent

Sales Agent is an independent contractor, company or individual, who represents Recright.

Our ideal sales agent is proactive, understands the recruitment industry, has a strong network, and is eager to grow the video recruitment business.

As a Sales Agent, you will promote, market, and acquire leads for Recright. You may also demo our product to prospects once our video recruitment experts have taught you the best tips and tricks.

 Once you have convinced the prospective customer to see a demo or even take Recright in use, we’ll take care of the rest! As soon as the customer becomes a paying customer, you will get paid for your efforts.