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“In one hour I can evaluate 20 video interviews instead of using the hour for a few phone calls.”

—Simo Levanto, Consultant, Service Coordinator for Recruitment, HR4 Solutions.

Accountor: Video interview in the recruitment process

Video interview is rapidly becoming a mainstream tool in a recruiter’s toolbox. What is the benefit of recruitment video interview for a licensed personnel assessment psychologist? Simo Levanto from Accountor, formerly known as Accountor HR4 and HR4 Solutions, shares some of his insights into the new method.

Recright video interviews are used in the first round screening of the applicants. The interviewer can give an opportunity to more candidates to show their talent, find the best candidates easier and share the results with colleagues in a compelling format. The final interviews are then conducted face to face.


Q: How have you used video interviews in your recruitment cases?

A: We have used the video interview as a screening tool after evaluating the applications and resumes. I have also used the tool for providing the client with a first impression of the finalist candidates they are going to meet. We also use video interviews as part of our own recruitments to both get an impression of the candidates and having our managing director as a part of the first interview round (a short company presentation and some of the questions in the interview are recorded by our MD).


Q: What are the main benefits for you?

A: The possibility to get more information than the resume or cover letters present from a large amount of candidates. Often the formal written expression of the cover letters and resumes does not provide very much insight to the personality or interaction style of the candidate. I think the video interview is a very good substitute for screening by telephone interviews as it saves a lot of time. In one hour I can evaluate 20 video interviews instead of using the hour for a few phone calls.


Q: How have your clients responded to the new way of presenting candidates through video interview replies?

A: Our clients have found Recright very helpful and also fun to use. They like the possibility to get a good first impression of a wide selection of candidates.

“Recright is an excellent tool for getting a first impression of the candidates’ personality and presentation skills.”


Q: Have you received comments from the interviewed candidates?

A: I’ve received mostly positive comments and the candidates have for the most part found this to be an interesting new way of making the first interview rounds.


Q: The ultimate goal with interviews is to predict a candidate’s success potential in the new job. Can you share your opinion on the usability of video interviews in answering this question?

A: I think a personal face-to-face interview is essential for gaining a good understanding of a candidate’s personality and motivation, which are key factors in predicting his or her success potential. Recright is an excellent tool for getting a first impression of the candidates’ personality and presentation skills. It helps me to find the candidates that I want to get to know better and thus helps me avoid unnecessarily interviewing candidates who may be a good match on paper but not in person.

Video interviews are also very helpful in getting an impression of the candidates’ presentation skills and fluency in a foreign language by having them answer one or more of the interview questions in said language.


Q: Can you recommend video interviewing to your fellow recruiters?

A: I can warmly recommend video interviewing. It will save you a lot of time and effort once you get used to it and integrate it as part of your recruitment process. Video interviews are particularly useful in assignments where a lot of the candidates meet the basic requirements on paper and screening down to a few finalists would require a lot of interviews.


Q: And finally, what are your favorite questions in a video interview?

A: I like to keep the video questions simple and on a quite general level, so I would have to go with the more traditional “Please tell me about yourself?”, “What made you take interest and apply for this position?” and “What would your most significant contribution for this company / position be?”