Enhance candidate experience through supreme communication

We teamed up with a modern recruitment software provider TalentAdore for this webinar to show you how you can improve your candidate experience and make your communication more personal with videos and AI.

Watch the webinar

In this webinar, you’ll get practical tips to superior candidate experience and streamlined recruitment process. Watch to:

  • Get insight into solving the bottlenecks in recruitment
  • Discover the cost of poor candidate communication
  • Learn how candidate communication affects candidate experience
  • Find out how you can save time and avoid bad hire with the help of videos and AI
  • See the Recright and TalentAdore integration in action

Saku Valkama

About Speaker

Saku Valkama is CEO and Co-Founder of TalentAdore. TalentAdore's solution is the Virtual Recruitment Assistant, a recruitment software that takes advantage of artificial intelligence (AI). Their software helps companies enhance their employer brands by focusing on the candidate experience.


Riku Malkki

About Speaker

Riku Malkki is an experienced e-recruitment professional and former CEO of Recright. He has over 12 years of experience in the field of HR Tech. He’s an MSc in Information Systems Management and he has helped more than 200 organizations in developing their recruitment processes. He's a firm advocate of lean methodologies and listens carefully the voice of to the customer.