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Technology shaping the future

Visma provides software that simplifies people's everyday lives.

About Visma

Our vision is to shape the future of society through technology. A society aided by the right digital tools is a better and more effective society.

But we can’t do it alone. To have a relevant impact, we work hand in hand with our customers and stakeholders. Together we are changing the landscape of work—making it simpler and more effective.

Our mission is to empower people by simplifying and automating complex processes. We recognize it is ultimately people who put changes into effect.

With crucial, time-saving software, people are empowered to focus on activities that deliver more business and social value. They can be more effective at work, spend more time on the things they care about, and have more fun, too.

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Why the Visma & Recright

visma automation


Automate the screening process and we´ll find your top applicants

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Easy Scheduling

Calendar integration for simple and candidate friendly interview booking and video interviews

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Designed to easily integrate with any software

Integration Demo

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With our Recright integration, it takes just a simple click to invite candidates to record a video interview. In order to do so, in your candidate view, select first the candidate and then select "Recright" from the "Other actions" menu.

Visma integration demo screenshot 2-1

In the pop-up window, you can either record a question or select an existing one from the library.

Visma integration demo screenshot 3-1

Once you’ve completed editing the questions, click the ‘’Send’’ button on the left bottom corner.

Visma integration demo screenshot 4-1

Once the invite has been sent, and the candidates have submitted their answers you'll find the videos under the candidate’s profile on Visma.

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