Recruiter's Best Friend

LAURA™ is a versatile recruitment platform for organizations of all sizes. It enables a fluent recruitment process, impressive employer branding, measurement of candidate experience and much more!

Why the LAURA/ Recright


Make impressive recruitments easily

It is extremely important to us that the recruitment tool is local, secure as well as easy to learn and use so that recruiters can focus on recruiting.


Measure candidate experience

Providing good candidate experience requires no complicated magic tricks or mysticism. For a job seeker, it is often enough that applying is made easy and that communication is adequate.

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Utilize of a wide range of features for recruitment

Advanced search filters, SSO, ready-to-use ad templates, integrations, and more

How it works

LAURA integration demo screenshot 4-1

Our Recright integration takes just a simple click to invite candidates to record a video interview.

LAURA integration demo screenshot 2

In order to invite candidates to the video interviews go to “Job applications” and click “Add for handling” to invite the candidate to the video interview.

LAURA integration demo screenshot 3

Click the “Handling of applications” button on the top right corner of the page.

LAURA integration demo screenshot 4

Continue by choosing the candidates you’d like to invite to the video interview and click the camera icon.

LAURA integration demo screenshot 5

Select your video interview from the drop-down menu, and click “Send video interview call” to confirm.

LAURA integration demo screenshot 6

Once the invite has been sent candidates have completed the interview, you’ll be able to find their video responses under the “Videos” tab on their profile.

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