Recruiter Survey 2019

What do recruiters think of video interviews? We surveyed 133 recruiters worldwide to analyze their experience with video interviews and summarized key findings in this report!

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Download E-Book

  • About the Survey 02

  • Who Took the Survey 03

  • Satisfaction

  • Number of Questions 05

  • Preferred Question Format 06

  • Length of a Video Answer 07

  • Recording Video Questions & Reviewing the Answers 08

  • Re-take Opportunity & Recruiter Experience 10

  • Willingness to Recommend & Meeting the Requirements 12

  • Work Performance & Recruiter Feedback 16

Video interviewing is on the rise

Companies of all sizes are increasingly implementing video interviews as a part of their recruitment strategies to find the best talent. They have seen and felt the benefits of using video interviews, such as time-saving, efficiency, increased transparency, and quality of hire, and are very likely to continue using video interviews in the future.

The report covers topics, such as:

  • How satisfied are recruiters with video interviewing as a method?
  • How much time do recruiters spend on video interviewing?
  • What are the things recruiters appreciate about video interviews?


Learn how Recright helped Volvo Cars moving away from a time-consuming screening process

Linda Wall, Recruiter, Volvo Cars

The recruitment process would have required more time from more people if we weren’t using Recright.”

Volvo Cars Developed a Digital Recruitment Process using Recright for its Global Graduate Program.