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Candidate Survey 2023

Discover what over 34,000 candidates had to say about their experience and views on video interviews as a recruitment method.

About The Survey

Four of the top five World's Most Attractive Employers (Universum) use video interviews, acknowledging their effectiveness. With remote and hybrid work becoming more prevalent, more companies are using video interviews to attract top talent.

Video interviews are gaining popularity for good reasons. They provide a convenient and efficient way for companies to get to know their candidates, saving time and strengthening their employer brand. While companies have already realized the value of video interviews, what's the candidates' perspective on this method?

We wanted to know. So, we asked. And over 34,000 candidates across the world answered.

Candidate Survey 2023 About

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Table of contents

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Who took the survey04
Candidates' thoughts on video interviews and Recright06
Time spent on video interviews and retakes12
Recommendations from candidates18
Key takeaways20


In this ebook, you'll learn:

  • How satisfied are candidates with video interviewing as a method?
  • How satisfied are candidates in using Recright?
  • What do candidates have to say about video interviews?
  • How much time does it take for candidates to answer the video interview?
  • Would candidates recommend video interviews as a recruitment method from the candidate's point of view?

Learn how Recright helped Volvo Cars move away from a time-consuming screening process

Linda Wall, Recruiter, Volvo Cars

The recruitment process would have required more time from more people if we weren’t using Recright.”

Volvo Cars Developed a Digital Recruitment Process using Recright for its Global Graduate Program.